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Congratulations graduates!

10850192_10203481659296019_4290564297061354573_nOn December 11 and 12, 2014,  the twenty-one Museum Studies graduate students of USF’s first cohort accomplished what they set out to do 16 months ago:  graduate!  We are proud of their prodigious accomplishments which resulted in several ground-breaking programs and exhibitions that are already impacting the community.

10926293_818799731499475_4730433022383652821_oAs the list below shows, the capstone projects addressed a wide range of issues, ideas and topics all related to changing and improving museums.  In order to appearance, they are:

Nalini Elias: Tranformative Experiences for Free: A marketing and communications initiative for Thacher Gallery
Cho Rao: An Exhibition Proposal for India: Through the Looking Glass: Reflections on a Great Exhibition (1851-2018)
James Peth: Insects as Bio-indicators: A Road Map an Exhibition and Multi-User Simulation with Handheld Integration for the California Academy of Sciences
MaryKaren Mrowka: The Mobile Garden Program
Laura Harvey: I Can! Kid-Abilities Day at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum
Jennifer Fry: Public Program Evaluation at Art Museums: A case study at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Mariah Shevchuk: Empowering YOUth: A Social Justice Program for At-Risk Eighth Graders by The Contemporary Jewish Museum
Briana Commins: Making an Impact: Creating a Sustainable Future for Nonprofits through Planned Giving
Raymond W. Bussolari: The Lost Childhood Exhibit and The Foster Youth Museum
Alexa Beaman: Mobile evaluation for the deYoung Museum’s Sculpture Garden App
Merrill Amos: The Wireless Museum: Broadcasting a Revolution
Ryan Pinter: Nevada Museum of Art: Center for Art + Environment Expansion Project
Max Nihei: National Japanese Historical Society: The Mission Map Exhibit
Brianna Jilson: Digitizing Treasure Island Museum’s Collection
Natalie Hollett: Constructing a Diverse Volunteer Program that is representative of the surrounding community of the Pasadena Museum of History
Celia Castro: An Inclusive Approach to Community Building at Small Art Organizations
Janet Carmona: Building the National Museum of Mexican Art’s Online Collection.
Cornelia Bleul-Gohlke: An Exhibition Development Project Management Plan for the National Japanese Historical Association.
Kaitlin Buickel: A California Native American Basket Popup Exhibition plan for the California Academy of Sciences.
Leah Belcher: GLBT Society and Museum Mobile App Project
Elinoar Almagor: SFMOMA PopUP
On December 11, the students shared the meat of these capstone projects before an audience of professors, friends, family, & museum professionals.  And then on December 12, they donned their caps and gowns and participated in a moving graduation ceremony where the actor and activist Danny Glover reiterated the role that each of us plays in advancing social justice, a fitting call to action for this group of pioneering museum professionals. Click here to watch the full ceremony.  Congratulations all!

Actor and Activist Danny Glover received an honorary doctorate.

Actor and Activist Danny Glover received an honorary doctorate.

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