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Props to our guest speakers

As the 2015-16 academic year winds up and we prepare to welcome the Class of 2017 in a little over a month, University of San Francisco Museum Studies faculty thanks the following individuals and organizations for their expertise as guest speakers and on-site hosts. You brought real-life perspectives and diverse voices to the classroom and inspired all of us. Thank you.


Grace Abusharkh, Palo Alto Art Center

Fraidy Aber, Contemporary Jewish Museum

Renee Baldocchi, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Ray Bussolari, Foster Youth Museum


We thank community leader Joan Capurro for giving us an insider’s view about how museum board members think about their fiduciary responsibilities.

Joan Capurro, Marin History Museum

Robin Clark, SFMoMA

Kevin Conley, Asian Art Museum

Contemporary Jewish Museum

Elisabeth Cornu

Darren David and Nathan Moody, Stimulant


The Museums and Technology class visiting Stimulant (selfie by Chris Alexander)

Helen Dahravan and Anita Maxwell, Oakland Museum White Elephant Sale

Doug Defors, Fine Arts Museums of San FranciscoRobb Detlefs, Gallery Systems

Alisa Eagleston, SFO Museum



Inside the Paintings Conservation Department at the Fine Arts Museums


Elise Effmann Clifford, Paintings Conservation Department, FAMSF 

Susan Ewing Haley, Park Archives and Records Center  


Rachael Faust, SFMoMA

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Jonathan Foley, California Academy of Sciences


We were thrilled to host Dr. Jonathan Foley,  posing here on the California Academy of Sciences’ green roof.


Kristina Foss, Santa Barbara City College

Lalo Franco, Santa Rosa Rancheria

Andy Galvan, Mission Dolores

Ria German-Carter, Paintings Conservator in private practice


Class in action: Lauren, Hannah, Else, Dedric, Vincent and Nicole

Cristina Gonzalez, Table Mountain Rancheria

Martina Haidvogl, SFMOMA

Deborah Hatch and Jacqueline Arase, Vallejo Investments

Amy Heibel – LACMA


Amy Heibel skyped in to the Museums and Technology class from Los Angeles

Paulette Hennum, California State Parks

Amanda Hunter-Johnson, SFMOMA

Susanna Kaiser, Department of Media Studies

Karen Kroslowitz, Computer History Museum

Peggy Levitt, Wellesley College


Dr. Peggy Levitt talked about museums and transnationalism


Zheng (Jessica) Lu, Gleeson Library/Geschke Center

Fr. Thomas Lucas, S.J., Seattle University

Laura Mann, Frankly, Green and Webb

Vincent Medina, Mission Dolores

Dana Mitroff Silvers, Designing Insights

Nicole Myers-Lim, California Indian Museum and Cultural Center

National Japanese American Historical Society

Max Nihei, National Japanese American Historical Society

Renny Pritiken, Contemporary Jewish Museum

Vicki Rosen, Gleeson Library

Tanu Sankalia, Department of Art + Architecture

4294967894_u_profile pic

Tanu Sakalia gave us an insider’s view of museum architecture

Peter Samis, SFMoMA

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Suresh Sethuraman, Fulbright Scholar Program, from Chennai, India

Eric Siegel, Berkeley Botanical Garden

Meg Shiffler, San Francisco Art Commission

San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame Museum

Lorri Starr, Contemporary Jewish Museum

Perian Sully, Asian Art Museum

Beth Szuhay, Textile Conservator in private practice

Jason Reinier and Catherine Girardeau, Earprint Productions


The Museums and Technology class visiting Earprint Productions in San Francisco (Catherine and Jason on the bottom right of photo).

Anne-Marie Sayers, Costanoan Indian Research Inc., Indian Canyon

Tamara Schwarz, California Academy of Sciences

Karren Shorosfky, University of San Francisco Museum Studies

Sharon Steckline and Cathy Mano, Asian Art Museum

Rosalyn Tonai, National Japanese American Historical Society


Rosalyn Tonai (left), Executive Director of the National Japanese American Historical Society and Conny Bleul-Gohlke, ’14 (right). Photo courtesy of Conny Bleul-Gohlke.

Edward Willie, Pomo/Wailaki/Wintu weaver

Amanda Williford, Park Archives and Records Center  

Bruce Wyman, USD Design/MACH Consulting

Linda Yamane, Rumsien Ohlone weaver

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Ken Yoshioka, Center for Instructional Technology



Celebrating the last class of the semester!


We also thank the following artists and individuals for their participation in our Thacher Gallery exhibitions this year:

Dugan Aguilar, artist

Linda Aguilar, artist

Erick Andino, artist

Gerald Clarke Jr., artist

Lewis deSoto, artist

Katie Dorame, artist


Katie Dorame Mission Revolt

Katie Dorame Mission Revolt

Geri Marie Montano, artist

Mercedes Dorame, artist

Jaque Fragua, artist

L. Frank, artist

Spencer Keeton Cunningham, artist

Avanna Lawson, artist

James Luna, artist

Rye Purvis, artist, Indigenous Arts Coalition Liaison

Hulleah J. Tsinhahjinnie, artist

Kanyon Sayers-Roods, performer/culture bearer

Taylor Peyron, writer

Duane Potter, Friendship House, San Francisco

Katherine Wallace, Karuk/Yurok/Hoopa Valley weaver, San Francisco State University

Amanda Hughen, artist

Jennifer Starkweather, artist

Dean Rader

Melinda Stone

Fr. Antoni Ucerler SJ

Mark Mir

Fr. Paul Fitzgerald SJ

Sabrina Oliveros

Xiao Xin Wu


For more information on USF’s Museum Studies program, click here.

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