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Intern-connectivity: taking art to the streets in Miami Beach

Editor’s note:  In this post, Isabel Tassara reports on one of the most highly-anticipated projects that emerged during her internship in Miami Beach this summer.

by Isabel Tassara (MA, 2016)

For the first time ever, this fall, Collins Avenue in Miami Beach will become the scene for a district-wide processional performance that will officially inaugurate the Faena Forum, FAENA ART’S new building.

FAENA ART will create the first inaugural procession which will engage local and international artists. It will be directed by Claire Tancos in collaboration with Gia Wolf and Arto Lindsay. Tancos will be conducting this participatory-ritual aiming to celebrate a convention between the new Faena Forum building, communities of South Florida and its emerging local and global audience. The upcoming inaugural procession will start at 32nd Street and Collins Avenue, and the artists will perform on the streets until 36th Street. ln celebration of the opening of the Faena Forum building, all communities will be invited to witness and participate in these memorable performances for free. Defined as a ceremony, a carnival and a festival, the opening will reflect notions of different cultures, public spaces, culinary experiences, music, dancing, experimental connections and participation among diverse communities. This ceremony intends to bring art to the streets and access for everyone, an ideal combination that should be characterized by most cultural institutions today. FAENA ART will involve architects, designers, dancers, actors, and musicians with local communities, and the FAENA ART workers. This procession will be a place for artistic expression and a form of social and political dialogue.


Los Carpinteros performing “Conga Irreversible”

The first performing artists will be the Cuban dancers Los Carpinteros performing “Conga Irreversible.” This is a backwards dance performance. Dancers will start from 36th Street and end up at the beginning of the procession. “Conga Irreversible” talks about the past and the future; the dancers go backwards, looking to the past as they move towards the future. Ambiguity, contemplation and evolution are characteristics that describe the first performance from the opening procession.

ISMarinella Senatore - Berlin-1

Marinella Senatore

“School of Narrative Dance” will be the second performance, conducted by Marinella Senatore (Italy), who has trained in music, fine arts and film. This performance will include local performers and dancers from South Florida who will interact with Italian artists and the audience.

Antoni Miralda-1

Antoni Miralda

Last will be an culinary experience by Antoni Miralda (Spain). This site-specific “Miami Global Banquet,” will combine music, food and dancing. Miralda explores the power of food through rituals and ceremonies, involving different communities, and exploring ethnological and sociological aspects of food, taste and aesthetics. Yet again, the audience will interact with this legendary performance. As well, this ritual experience looks forward to exploring diverse aspects and creating memorable experiences.

This will be the first time that a cultural institution in Miami Beach creates a ceremony and produces an opening which will take art, performances and interaction to the streets. The idea generating this inauguration is to create memorable experiences, including progressive and visionary ways of viewing things. I believe that all museums and cultural institutions should open their doors and make more accessible their collection and programs, globally. By creating a street festival, FAENA ART is welcoming everyone to discover and connect with its mission and diverse points of view.

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