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Seeing the light: Class of ’16 graduates

On December 16, 2016, the Museum Studies Class of 2016 crossed the stage in the beautiful St. Ignatius Church on the USF campus to receive their diplomas.  The walk across the stage capped off a busy week of final drafts, last minute edits, rehearsals and two days of capstone presentations before professors, colleagues and family.

On December 14, thirteen students presented their work:

Jenna Hebert: Accessibility and Technology: Remote Access to Art through Telepresence Robotics.

Lauren Garnese: Achieving Access: Designing a Museum Accessibility Consulting Firm.

Kim Turner: Improving Cal NAGPRA: Honoring Native American Rights

Hannah Claire Somerville: Making Museums Fashion Forward and Forward Thinking: A Proposal for a Rotating Exhibit Program at the Levi Strauss & Co. Museum

Isabel Tassara: Leandro Erlich: Towards a Collaborative Relationship Between Architecture and Art

Owen Kinser: Passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Museum Collections

Jennifer Moore: Three Distinct Museum Achievements and Their Processes

Sarah Mackey: Riding the Wave: How the Philanthropic Revolution Will Impact Museums in the United States and Canada

Lauren Dare: Developing Education Materials for the SFO Airport Museum at the San Francisco International Airport

Else Trygstad-Burke: Jackson Creek Arts and Trails, LLC

Luisa Baj: Storage Wars: Art Collections, the Law and the Rotterdam Museum

Sara Hodge: Conflict Preparedness and Response Planning in Museums

Shabnam Shermatova: Creating a Third Place for Collaboration: Museum and Art Community Network


Four relieved capstone presenters: Luisa, Else, Morgan and Sarah

We reconvened the next morning as ten more presenters carried the day:

Lauren Law Kingsley: Through the Eyes of our Neighbors: A collaborative model for cultural, educational, and community organizations to address homelessness in San Francisco.

Annveig Bugge: Creating Exhibits for Small History Museums on a Limited Budget

Dedric Juan Lupe: Truths of Indian Boarding Schools: A Symposium

Katie Sundra: Model Behavior: Using Photogrammetry for Collections Storage Planning

Olivia Havens: Joint Relationships between Native Communities and Small Museums


Alli Pohl presents her capstone on a sophisticated collections coordination system for the California Academy of Sciences

Allison Pohl: Collections Management Systems at Natural History Museums:  A Centralized Approach

Nicole Meldahl: History in Collaboration: Equalizing the Arts and Humanities in San Francisco

Michael Benjamin Glazier: A Behind the Scenes Tour for Contemporary Audiences

Lindsey Stoll: Increasing Access in Art Museums: Teen Programming for English Language Learners

Morgan Toney Schlesinger: The Museum Wiki: A Model for Online Collections in Museums



Twenty-three relieved and proud presenters



 The next day we all gathered for the commencement ceremony.  Speakers Noor Tarik Al Haidary, an Iraqi-American, and Meron Yemane Semedar, an Eritrean refugee, gave moving addresses that reminded the packed church of the uncertain times that lie ahead.  Meron also reminded us of the power of our degrees in light of USF’s mission of social justice:  to give voice to those who have no voice.


Kim Turner was a finalist for commencement speaker: congratulations!


We congratulate our graduates who will spread the light of friendship, kindness and hope in our world.  Their capstone projects will be available on-line through the University of San Francisco libraries within a few weeks.



Parent paparazzi

For more information on USF Museum Studies, click here.

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