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Congratulations Class of 2020!

Last Friday, December 11th, the Museum Studies M.A. Program celebrated as 15 stellar students graduated from the program. In the spirit of 2020, this year’s graduation looked a bit different. Rather than convene at Saint Ignatius Church for a formal ceremony, the graduates, their families, faculty, and staff gathered in a Zoom room to recognize these students’ incredible accomplishments.

This cohort has demonstrated a remarkable determination and dedication to succeed. In the face of a global pandemic, a racial justice crisis, environmental disasters, and astonishing political turmoil, this group of students not only persevered during their time at USF, but also exuded positivity and excelled. Despite the obstacles, these graduates completed remote internships at some of the top museums and organizations from around the world, wrote compelling capstone papers, and embodied a spirit of empathy and care­­– looking out for one another and for their broader communities.

Thank you, Class of 2020. Thank you for your insatiable curiosity, your unending optimism and, most importantly, for your kindness and strength of spirit. We wish you nothing but success and happiness in your future endeavors! CONGRATULATIONS!

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