Watch our videos


Check out seven recent videos about the work of museum studies students: 

July 2018:  Click here and here to view Valerie Wainwright’s (MA, 2018) amazing video production work at the Montalvo Arts Center and also here:   “What is We” at the Montalvo Arts Center.

“June 2017:  Click here to learn about how student Lydia Webster curated an exhibition at the Douglas Adams Gallery in Berkeley.

January 2017:  Click here to watch students Kim Turner (MA, 2016) and Emily Lawhead (MA, 2017) talk about the Depravities of War exhibition in Thacher Gallery.

August 2016:   Click here to learn about more exciting educational projects at USF and in San Francisco.  Thank you Leslie Lombre (MA, 2017) for creating this video.


2015 Videos

Click here to learn about Nell Herbert’s work on the Interwoven exhibition.

Click here to learn more about Jordan Dresser’s work on behalf of his people’s tribal museum in Wind River, Wyoming.

Click here to learn more about the 2014-2015 Reformations exhibition in Thacher Gallery.

Click here to see a trailer for the forthcoming PBS documentary co-produced by Museum Studies’ Jordan Dresser.